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Certain medicines that the mother takes can pass into the bloodstream of the baby and interfere with organ development. This annual conference is an opportunity for young women ages who have been diagnosed with MRKH, and their families to come together for education and support. These tests do not hurt and are similar to having an x-ray. Our MRKH chats are safe places for teens and young women who share a common condition to ask questions, discuss concerns, and offer each other support. When to Contact a Medical Professional. Your doctor will probably ask you questions such as: You can also talk with members of your medical team for help with communicating with your parents.

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If you were born with an incomplete vagina but have a normal size uterus, it is likely that you will be able to become pregnant and carry a baby.

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MRKH: General Information for Teens

Different support groups may differ in their thoughts regarding this sensitive topic. Your parents may find it helpful to talk to other family members like an aunt or a grandparent, but you should be included in conversations about who will be told about your diagnosis. Some cloacal abnormalities may cause a baby girl to look like she has a penis. Abnormal vagina Abnormal or missing cervix Bladder on the outside of the body Genitals that are hard to identify as a girl or boy ambiguous genitalia Labia that are stuck together or unusual in size No openings in the genital area or a single rectal opening Swollen clitoris The belly area may be swollen or a lump in the groin or abdomen may be felt. But Silber said the remarkable survivability of sperm means most couples don't have to change their normal sex lives at all.

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