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Every Friday at 3PM! From there pussythe clit is where u stimulating her to make her cum n when u put ur finger upward u will feel the g spot n that's where she squirts far n it's like pee but not pee. But I am very healthy: FistafuryNov 15, It is a lifelong study with the journey with her is what you should enjoy. No idea what it tastes like, but I suspect it tastes like urine because medical experts say that's all it is. Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

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As a girl who has fucked others girls I can tell you that there is two kinds of female ejaculation and neither of which are pee although it may feel like we are about to pee when we orgasm they are very much different.

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Your Vagina Has A Taste, And You Should Dump Anyone Who Complains

If anything id say its relatively sweet. This also explains the vanilla perfume craze of the previous three years. I have videos of me, start to finish. Not quite so shocking, though. But in a good way.

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does girl cum taste like
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