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Before you settle in to take photos, do a little primping. If you stand in yoga pants with your bum facing the camera, but turn your torso sideways in a cute bra. Guys are naturally attracted to women who appear more submissive, and getting down onto your knees is one of the most obvious ways to show submissiveness. These selfies are usually taken without any makeup or touch ups of any kind, and are meant to be as raw as possible. Kylie's rump is the scene-stealer now. Of course, sometimes mirrors are necessary to even take a selfie, especially with certain angles, or if you want to get your whole body in the shot without contorting your body into ridiculous shapes. The duck face is basically just a girl who wants to make her lips look as full as possible, but the end result is pretty cringey.

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If it's lacy lingerie or leather, bring it.

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There's nothing worse that get excited about being sent a selfie, and then feeling the crushing disappointment of realizing that it's just a picture of shoes. But it's the unprofessional nature itself that makes selfies so appealing. Did this article help you? Additionally, this is also a bad idea purely for psychological reasons. The best way to take erotic photos of yourself is to arch your back and elongate your neck.

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