Onesided domination wrestling

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She already knew she was supposed to lose this match and "job" for her unknown opponent. The promoter knows this so he told Shamia to punish her rookie opponent for most of the 15 minute time limit before finishing off her victim. Toni's round, sexy ass is no comparison to the round, muscular glutes of Shamia who is wearing an athletic white bikini. She was trained and the girls in this minor league circuit couldn't be as big and bad as the heels she saw on TV. Get the fuck over here It's now time for her finale. With a sadistic smile, Shamia pulls Toni's bottoms halfway down the girl's ass while pulling her back to the middle of the ring.

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So just relax and enjoy it.

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One step back for a running start and Shamia throws the demolished loser out of the ring. Go ahead, crawl out of here, your no match for me and your wasting my time! Shamia then pulls back hard on the rope sling-shoting Toni onto her back into the middle of the ring. Semi-competitive Mixed Wrestling Rules: Tell you what, why don't we cut right to it. She is a champion grappler and a dedicated athlete. To add insult, Shamia reaches down and hooks Toni's legs turning the pin into a humiliating, folding match-book facesit pin.

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onesided domination wrestling
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onesided domination wrestling
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