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He shook the last few drops from the tip of his cock and tucked himself away, not caring about facing his coworkers and superiors now. I kinda wanted to see him wet himself and was also terrified that he would because what would anyone do in that situation. Males desperate Hey if you really have to pee please feel free to hit me up here or on Kik. Just a tiny bit to ease the awful pressure. Every movement sent a painful reminder straight to his bladder about how full he was.

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He stepped in place without even realizing he was doing it.

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Peeing Designer Men's Jeans(June11)

I love getting inspiration: Every step rocked his overfilled bladder and he was sure he was about to pop. He might have been drunk and I think he was enjoying holding infront of a bunch of strange guys. But he knew that was a terrible idea. The man at the urinal glanced over his shoulder and Devon fought to stop his potty dancing, but it was impossible.

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men peeing in jeans
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