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However, he went full-full monty in Tangled. After WildeThe Talented Mr. He was briefly nude in The Governess and Titus. Most international films are less shy about nudity in general. However, when a sex tape of the actor went public the point became moot.

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Bacon's nude scene at the end of Wild Things stands as an iconic moment in full frontal history.

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The Best Male Nude Scenes in Movies

McGregor has made a career of acting while naked. Although The Wood is a comedy, it's not without its sex appeal. Although Bale did go full-frontal while chasing a woman with a chainsaw, if you want a less traumatizing look at Bale check out the British indie Metroland. It also got a lot more buzz around Bacon than he had before he made the move. Where Are They Now? There might be one reason Ruffalo was chosen to play The Hulk.

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