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Bud continuously asks Daisy why she had been involved with some men at a party. Bud becomes upset because Daisy was pregnant and it transpires that the baby died as a result of what happened at this party. It's a shame people write so many things when they haven't seen it. The first 5 tracks are from the film The Brown Bunny. He leaves a note on the door frame, after sitting in his truck in the driveway remembering about kissing Daisy in this place, and checks in at a hotel. Retrieved May 8,

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Despite the negative backlash toward Sevigny's involvement in the film, some critics praised her decision.

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Retrieved September 8, Following its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festivalthe film garnered a great deal of media attention because of the explicit final scene between Gallo and Sevigny, as well as a feud between Gallo and the film critic Roger Ebertwho stated that The Brown Bunny was the worst film in the history of Cannes, [4] although he later gave a re-edited version his signature " thumbs up ". It is said that editing is the soul of the cinema; in the case of The Brown Bunnyit is its salvation. He stops at the Bonneville Speedway to race his motorcycle. He tells her that he did not know what to do, and so he decided to leave the party.

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