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When he was done, the boy called the Master and Waffik over to take their turn. If you are not totally naked by then every minute you disobey will equal one day of extreme torture for you. She was given instructions to bark and speed up, each command being accompanied by a lash of the crop. The Master then demanded that she assume the ass fucking position. BdsmFetishMaskSlave. The more water she allowed to flow into her belly the fewer times she would have to travel in her uncomfortable position, but she would have a harder time clenching her asshole closed as she waddled to the other tank.

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She could only flush with embarrassment as she felt his hands rubbing soap over her body parts, inserting soapy fingers in her anus and vagina.

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Pain naked slave asshole kneeling own hanging

When she was finally let down all she could do was lie on the floor panting. Then for the rest of the afternoon Pun-Tang would wear a ten inch black strap on dildo and fuck the slave girl for fifteen minutes in the cunt. She walked to the front of the helpless slave girl and placed it into her mouth. Another exercise machine consisted of a simple treadmill. He had become a true animal. He then took a padlock and locked the cuffs and the two ends of the chain.

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