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Mai may be beautiful, but in the elegant and classy way. She slowly removed his tunic and fingered his chest in amazement. I agree that it's nice to see a girl look sexy without needing to dress so: She obeyed as he took her head in his hands and locked lips with her in a fierce, wild kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and briefly wrestling with her own before pulling away. She was the cool sister he never had- wait- nevermind. His dick throbbed as she whispered the words to him and she didn't miss it. I see types like her everywhere I go.

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She'll attack from where I least expect itSokka wildly thought as he remembered their two previous encounters, spreading his legs in a wild attempt to stay balanced.

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I'm glad people see my point, though I must admit my raging bias. Leaning down he kissed her mouth passionately and positioned himself at her entrance. I agree that it's nice to see a girl look sexy without needing to dress so: Now, his blue eyes half-shut, he was screwing her with everything he had, grinning in delight at his control over her, at the privilege of that control, at how her melons wildly bounced with each plunge of his hips and tug of his hands, at how he was the lucky guy who got to take her virginity, at the warmth of her stunningly beautiful body and the almost shocked yet dull expression on her face. She gave him another chiming giggle, amused and somewhat self-conscious, before kneeling to slip off his sealskin boots.

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  1. everything about this girl is so sexy, her face, her stares, her hair and the way she throws it around, her personality, her body, her skills. Everything. Flawless